17 Trading Tips To Use Today!

Investor features

In the vast majority of cases, investment successes result from years of experience, a lot of time spent in front of a computer screen, as well as a certain set of necessary features.
Fortunately, these qualities are achievable if you are organized and know what you want.

This article should help you take a critical look at your investment habits and support you in developing better ones that will ultimately ensure your success.

Below you can read a list of five characteristics that we believe characterize any talented investor.

1. Discipline

It seems obvious, but unfortunately few show it. Discipline is one of the most important, even key elements on the road to investment success and a trader who wants to achieve something in the financial markets must constantly demonstrate it.

Discipline is all about sticking to the plan and keeping your emotions in check.
Even the most risky trades require strict discipline for the trader to know how and when to calculate risk. If you are more disciplined, you will become a master in the psychology of trading, which is the key to success.

2. Continuous learning about the market

The most successful investors have never stopped learning about the market.
They are constantly “connected” to the economic calendar, financial news, and other factors that could potentially affect their trades.

Constantly improving their strategy based on new information. They are masters in both technical and fundamental analysis, as well as professional market researchers.

It is no coincidence that the best investors usually know the most. If you are passionate about achieving success in this field, you need to prepare for life-long learning.

3. Be active, not reactive

The best traders follow exactly what is happening in the market intelligently and are rarely surprised by events.

Perhaps they are not always completely right, but they are certainly not “chasing the market”, overreacting or making hasty decisions based on emotions. The financial world requires careful planning and a precise vision. Being active in your strategy means being able to anticipate market events, not just react to unforeseen circumstances.

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4. Be an early bird

Even though most exchanges open at 9am, the smart trader gets up much earlier in order to plan his day. If you are a forex trader, this market never sleeps between Monday and Friday, which means you should get up really early in the morning to anticipate any movements and events.

This way, you will give yourself time to set up the necessary charts, be prepared for every circumstance and understand what is happening in international markets.

5. Keep your stress in check

The fast, global nature of financial markets can cause enormous stress, especially if you are investing significant capital. Your ability to manage your stress is key to your success and how long you will be a trader. There are several strategies for coping with stress, including getting the right balance between living in and out of business, taking time off, and learning as much as possible.

Discipline, activity, constant learning – all these features are a necessary set for a trader to achieve his dream success.

The greater the success, the greater the self-confidence. And these qualities will help you deal with stress and insecurity.


As you can see, the road to success is not any fancy abstract concept available to a select few. It is available to anyone who is capable of devoting themselves to their passion.

All these qualities are not innate at all – they can be worked out by motivation, practice and clearly defined intentions.

The speculation advice you are reading now is a compilation of my more than ten years of experience. They come from thousands of trades and tens of thousands of hours of charting.

I firmly believe that every trader needs to find a style that suits his personality. This is the reason you may have read about it in the post above.
However, most of what you just read is universal. It can help any investor, regardless of style and experience.

After reading these trading tips, it’s time to take advantage of them. Don’t put this post aside  just to come back to it next year and regret not implementing these tips.
Take a step back and review your progress. Where can you make improvements? Do any of the above tips work with you?

Spend 99% of your time learning the game and the remaining 1% actually trading. 
This is the best way to get on the fast track to success.

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