It is not knowledge that creates experience in the market, but perseverance and strength of character

A lot of people don’t even know that they are experts in everything and nothing. In fact, they follow various gurus, but they themselves have achieved nothing.

If you want to appear on the currency market, it is not enough to learn about what Forex is and what its rules are. Of course, verified and reliable information is essential here and should be obtained from a proven source. The problem, however, is that no knowledge can replace our skills. In fact, we have to build our experience from scratch. Contrary to appearances, it is a tedious process that cannot be replaced with anything else. Whether we will be successful on the market or not depends only on us.

Failure to understand what the trader’s path is causes blunting skills and the development of bad habits that make trading difficult.

In speculation, creativity and a vision of one’s own success are required. 
Monkeying other people has never done any good for anyone.

Everyone has to work through certain trading issues on their own. 
Whether something works or not, we can only tell after a long series of moves

Building an experience is like building your own home, but in fact it is a test of character strength

Gaining experience on the market is a bit like building a house yourself. In this case, the construction period is a difficult time for many of us to test our character, test our patience and our ability to manage funds. Therefore, building your own experience, just like building a house, is a complicated organizational and financial undertaking.
This process can be divided into several basic stages. One of them is risk assessment and determining the costs of the entire project, and in our case, the starting deposit. Another issue is choosing a strategy and developing the ability to apply a given methodology.
In this field it seems that with proper discipline, any trading model is good, but there is no common denominator in trading. Each of us is different and experiences the reality of speculation differently. In this case, it is impossible to copy the experience from another trader. It is worth mentioning here that a person who has spent many hours, days and years on the market often becomes a specialist in their field.

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Most people are real experts on everything and nothing at the same time

Unfortunately, most traders waste their time gaining bad experience learning unnecessary things or completely wrong assumptions. Many people, by giving up a professional approach on their own, develop harmful habits and blunt skills that could otherwise be used as a lever for success.
Even after ten years, such people become experts in everything and also in nothing. They are actually imitating various gurus, but they haven’t earned anything themselves. They jump from place to place, sometimes using one strategy, the next time the next, etc. This kind of situation, although unpleasant, usually results from not understanding what the path of a trader’s development is .
It just so happens that on the market you need to be creative and have not only a properly proven investment system, but above all a vision of your own development. Monkeying games from someone else has not worked out for anyone yet. So the sooner such a person starts working, the better for him.

The effectiveness of the strategy can be assessed only after the appropriate number of moves

How much more sensible transactions result from properly worked work than on the basis of overheard instructions on how to or not to act. It works, but in the short term, as many have probably already found out. If we think about trading in a longer time scale, only after making the appropriate number of bets (usually several hundred), everyone can proudly say what works and what does not work in his case .
On top of that, there are tons of surprising conclusions about the market, strategy and everything related to trading. Of course, this practice has to be done according to certain standards. To make it possible, appropriate education and independent work based on it are required.

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Experience on the market is like a suit tailored to the individual character of a trader

The experience gathered in this way is the property of each individual, it is the most precious pearl that can be. It is on the basis of this experience that we can show other people the way of our own development, but we can never impose ready-made patterns.

So building your own experience is nothing more than developing a trader’s workshop . Each of us, like a tailor, sews a suit tailored only and exclusively for ourselves. I believe that everyone has a different baggage of experience and, whether they like it or not, they should adapt trading to their character.

So everyone has to work through certain issues in the field of trading individually and this cannot be changed. You gain experience in the market by independently carrying out transactions, collecting statistics and drawing conclusions yourself.

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